Nova Cleaner app

Nova Cleaner App

The Nova Cleaner app is a one-of-a-kind junk cleaner app that simultaneously cleans and boosts your phone effectively. The many features included in the application makes your device run smoother and at the most optimal level of performance. An easier, faster cleaning experience is delivered through this application and further boosts the performance and service life of your device.

Features of Nova Cleaner App

One of the main features included in the app is the super junk cleaner option which scans the device thoroughly and identifies cache files, junk files, duplicate documents, unnecessary cache, images, videos and deletes them at your command. It also protects your device from unwanted apps that may slow it down over time. Another essential feature is the super phone booster which makes sure your device is running at its highest level by clearing out memory for better results.

This option will scan your device and restore storage and memory to ensure optimal performance. The App lock function secures your private information with an additional layer of security as a passcode or fingerprint or in any other form. This feature comes in handy for users when they have apps which stores sensitive information and details. Another such important function offered by the Nova Cleaner app is the Virus Cleaner function which openly scans and detects potential viruses and corrupt files and documents stores in your device.

By identifying these dangerous threats and by eliminating them the user can extend or boost the performance of the device and make operations run smoother than before. A common issue faced by users is the overheating which is caused by apps running in the background while using. With the CPU Cooler function of this application, it prevents the device from getting overly heated by stopping those apps and cools down the device to acceptable levels for smooth operating.

An additional feature introduced by the Nova Cleaner app is the personalized notification option which offers notifies the users to when to clean out junk, when storage space is running out, when memory is full, which apps are causing the device to over heat and potential threats and malware detected in the device. The collection of these unique features makes the Nova Cleaner app one of the best cleaning tools available for users to boost their devices.

By carrying out these functions the battery life of the device will be extended as well as its other processes will be fully optimized. This cleaner app is provided without any charge and works with all Android phones and tablets running Jelly Bean (4.3) and above. The Nova Cleaner app has garnered the attention and has accumulated more than millions of over the years and its easy user-friendly design element further elevates the cleaning experience of your device. With just one tap on the screen your device will be retransformed and restored back into its prime condition.

Install Nova Cleaner App

It is essential for all low end and used Android phones to have an Android cleaner app like Nova Cleaner. There are many alternatives like Clean Master app, NOX Cleaner, AVG Cleaner, etc. All those cleaner helps to boost performance and clean storage for free. If you find it hard to operate about cleaning tools try liter version like Clean Master lite. Use features like phone boost and junk cleaning to optimize your Android phone for speed and storage space. You can use Android app stores like AC Market, Happymod or Play store to install this app. AC Market and Happymod app stores does not require account creation to install apps.

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